Opinion of teacher

The conference was an unforgettable experience for me as it allowed the 1st year students of the Physical faculty to combine their knowledge of English and their professional interests and present them in public.
As their teacher I am ultimately proud of their achievements and courage and personal growth. On the one hand we had been learning to present in public, organize information in a presentation and speak logically and coherently. On the other, it was still difficult to imagine students, who had been studying English for their professional purposes for just one academic year, to make presentations and answer questions in a foreign language.
But they did it, and they did it on a very high level. In the past I had the opportunity to meet students from Cordoba University, Spain, who were participating in a similar project, and the results TSU students achieved in one year are in line with those of their Spanish peers.
The conference revealed a wide range of professional interests of our students, their motivation for learning some new things, their desire to find out more and their ambition to communicate their findings with others. They also came to understand that knowledge of English opens a totally new world for them, a world without barriers where professionals can communicate freely and openly and participate in joint research projects and exchange programs.
I truly hope that next year the conference will become international and will attract more professionals in the field, including professors of TSU, who lecture in English, so that they might appreciate the achievements of their students. 
Olga Zubkova :