хх.11.16 - Mad Tea Party: the physics’ version

Mad tea party: the Faculty of Physics first year students’ version
Where in TSU can one be awarded with an Oscar and have a go at being a movie and a theater actor, performing in English? You will never know! You have to be a first year student of the Faculty of Physics, and learn English within the framework of the project “Enhancement of Foreign Language Skills in TSU students (the cluster of Natural Sciences Faculties)” and take an active part in “Mad Tea Party: the physics’ version”.
Leonardo Di Caprio had been trying hard to get his Oscar for decades. But the students of the group 05641 won the coveted award before the first exam season had even started! In fairness, the event was held on a slightly smaller scale than the prestigious Hollywood award, although it didn’t detract from the event at all. “Mad Tea” was a success: everything was funny and lively. Students had the opportunity to practice English and reveal their artistic potential. Particularly memorable was the student groups’ videos contest where they represented their groups. Spectators got tremendous pleasure from the actors’ and directors’ works. For the “Best video” nomination, the Oscar was awarded to the group 05641 with 2nd and 3rd place going to groups 05622 and 05632 respectively.
Students were also encouraged to dramatise a Russian folk fairy-tale “The gigantic turnip” in English in 5 different genres – horror, thriller, action, comedy and mystic.
The group 05641 got the 1st place (horror), 2nd place went to 05632, and 3rd – to group 05621 (comedy).
According to the jury and spectators, the most artistic and charismatic actors were Oleg Tarasov and Sergey Sinyukov.
Dmitry Bezrodny, a teacher from the Faculty of Physics, was the Head Judge and the rest of the panel was made up of first year students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. They felt that, «The event was really entertaining. There were a lot of funny moments; especially when groups were acting out “The gigantic turnip” fairy tale…It was a wonderful experience. Everyone had prepared really well…It was exciting and particularly interesting to hear physicists acting in English».
This is what students-participants of the Mad Tea Party thought about the event.
Semen Medvedev: It was a very interesting, funny and entertaining event! We spent our time in a free and easy environment. I would visit such an event once again with great pleasure.
Anastasia Volokitina: It was interesting to watch movies filmed by other groups and it was great to see the students’ talents. “The gigantic turnip” fairytale was funny, and its interpretation in different genres made the event varied. The prize-giving at the end was a delightful and unexpected surprise.
Alaxey Tyukavkin: The event allowed students to demonstrate their creativity and imagination. It united students through collaborative work and art, and gave the students wonderful memories. Every movie reflected a unique approach and a distinctive atmosphere made through teamwork.  
Nikolay Annenkov: The event was at its best! It demonstrated solidarity and fantasy of groups.  Such events unveil people and represent them from an absolutely different side! And the final prize becomes a great reward for the job done!
Ryakin Vladislav The event which took place last Friday was wonderful! First, we watched some great movies produced by all the groups, and then we had to act out a folk fairy tale in English, but in a specific genre, what was really fun!    
Ina Lenara There were many funny competitions, where we were able to practice our English. Such events help to unite people. It was so fun to work with my group!
Veronika Turusheva The event was surprising and interesting, and the competitions were funny! Tea and tasty cakes awaited us at the end. Dear organizers, thank you very much for your work!
Anna Manisheva Each group was trying really hard. Taking part in such events allows us to learn the language. It is really very interesting and effective! Thank you!