3d Conference of TSU Physics Students

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the 3d Conference of TSU Physics Students organized by the team of the Project Foreign Language Competence Development of TSU Students”. You will have an opportunity to share your research results and experiences in studying physics, test your communication skills and meet people who share the same passion for physics. Our life and work are getting more and more dependent on physics and its discoveries. Let us appreciate this blissful moment when we can come together, talk, discuss, share, doubt, believe and find out more about physics from each other.
The conference is structured into two main sections: Plenary and Poster, each of these sections involving 1st year and 2nd year students. The participants can present their work in the form of posters or as presentations. The programme of the event promises to blend academic, social and cultural topics and offers the participants a great experience.
The expert team from the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Foreign Languages are going to evaluate the participants’ presentations by taking into consideration their scientific relevance, originality and knowledge level of the subject matter of the participants. Awards for the best plenary and poster papers will be given.
Welcome to our Third Student Conference held at the Faculty of Physics!
On behalf of the organizing committee
Sergey N. Filimonov
 Dean of the Faculty of Physics Associate Professor Sergey N. Filimonov
Irina  S. Savitskaya
Project Co-Manager, Senior Lecturer,
Faculty of Foreign Languages