The aim of the Alt-Shift Project is to develop a bilingual teaching environment for English-speaking and Russian-speaking physics students. The Alt-Shift lectures are given in English with simultaneous translation to Russian. The lectures are live streamed (via ZOOM) and recorded with two audio channels, so students may choose the desired language of instruction by their own. 
The lectures are a part of the regular undergraduate physics curriculum at Tomsk State University, but we are glad to invite interested students from other universities to join our online lectures or to download and watch the records from our website.

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Biophotonics. Nonlinear methods in biology

Alexander Shapovalov

20/09/2021 Modelling in biology. A simple model (ENEN+RU)
27/09/2021 Nonlinear ODE models (ENEN+RU)

Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

Dmitry Kaparulin

20/10/2021  Heat engines (EN, EN+RU)   
23/10/2021  Endo-reversible heat engine (ENEN+RU)    
30/10/2021  Equilibrium and stability of open thermodynamic systems (ENEN+RU)   
06/11/2021  Principle of entropy maximum (ENEN+RU)   

Quantum Mechanics

Alexey Sharapov 

01/11/2021   Simple Harmonic Oscillator (EN,  EN+RU)    
03/11/2021   Linear Rigid Rotor (ENEN+RU)    
06/11/2021   The von Neumann and Schrodinger Equations (EN, EN+RU)  
08/11/2021   Heisenberg Picture (EN, EN+RU)    

Methods of Mathematical Physics

Petr Kazinski 

11/11/2021   Laplace transform (EN, EN+RU)  
16/11/2021   Properties of the Laplace transform (ENEN+RU)  
23/11/2021   Singular points of 2nd order linear ODE. Bessel functions. (ENEN+RU

Classical Mechanics

Semen Lyakhovich

25/11/2021    Criterion of conservation law (EN, EN+RU)
07/12/2021    Noether Theorem (EN, EN+RU)
12/12/2021    One-dimensional motion (EN, EN+RU)