Norwegian-Russian School of Quantum Chemistry at Tomsk State University

Norwegian-Russian School of Quantum Chemistry at Tomsk State University
 June 6-10, 2022
Multilevel computational approaches in biophotonics
In the past decades, molecular photochemistry has broken out of the boundaries of the traditional discipline, and entered deeply into many fields of science and technology. It has many applications in biology and medicine, branches of science with immediate consequences for our lives. Photodynamic therapy is applied in the clinic already for some time, but improvements are needed, and chemistry will make further contributions here. Molecular sensors also have applications in medicine. Another application of the same chemistry is in the field of molecular logic. Indeed, photochemistry is versatile! Photosynthesis provides life on earth with its energy, and now chemists, physicists and biologists are trying to do better than nature, and to use the knowledge gained from the natural systems to make solar fuels. In order to unravel the photochemical and photophysical processes, new experimental techniques are crucial. The still young field of single molecule spectroscopy shows how the photophysical dynamics of fluorescent single molecules provide information on materials properties and it is pushing the limits by observing even non-absorbing molecules. Using theoretical calculations in order to observe the structure and dynamics of supramolecular and biomolecular systems. Because of the importance of the molecule in physics and chemistry, our summer school on June 6-10, 2022 have featured theoretical and computational chemistry of the excited state. The school will cover several essential topics in photochemistry, ranging from the fundamentals of photoreactions, spectroscopy, and computational photochemistry, to applications such as solar energy conversion and photomedicine.
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