April 2016 - the English language Olympiad & The first language battle

We would like to thank, from the bottom of our heart, the whole Physics Department team, as well as each and every participant. Well done!!! 
Here are the names of our winners:
Pak Yaroslav, group 553, who has the highest score in the team (43.3points);
Byteshev Ezher, group 553, having 38.1 points;
Belozerova Kate, group 553, the contribution of whom is 36 points;
Bagryntsev Ivan, group 553, adding 32.6 points to our piggy bank;
Fuks Artem, group 554, who added 31.2 points;
Krekov Artem, group 553, who earned 27.5 points.
Вот имена наших победителей:
Пак Ярослав,  группа  № 553, принесший команде самый высокий балл (40,3 из 42),
Битешев Эжер, группа  № 553, набравший 38,1 балла,
Белозерова Катя, группа  № 553, вклад которой составил 36 баллов,
Багринцев Иван, группа  № 553, пополнивший нашу копилку на 32,6 балла,
Фукс Артем, группа  № 554, который прибавил команде 31,2 балла,
Креков Артем, группа  № 553, заработавший 27,5 баллов!

11 April 2016 saw the first language battle between students of the Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of Physics. The competition was organised within the framework of the Project for Enhancement of Foreign Language Skills in Students of Non-Language Faculties launched in 2015 for the Faculties of Physics and Chemistry.
Although the competition was very intense, the chemists won a narrow victory. Nevertheless, the presentations given by the physicists and their ability to work as a team were highly praised by the judges.