All truly revolutionary advancement in technology have one thing in common: physics. Our students apply fundamental laws of physics to emerging technologies in order to exponentially improve performance
Bachelor's Degree programs  in Russian:
03.03.02 – Physics
09.03.02 – Computer Science
The duration of study is 4 years
Fee 1440 euro per year
Fee 1740 euro per year
  First 2 years - study in small international groups. The first two-year study level includes modules in natural sciences, physics, mathematics, informatics, socio-economics, humanities and a few specialty-oriented modules.
  Last 2 years - study together with Russian students. The study modules of the second level (the next two years of study) include advanced profession-oriented modules, subjects in natural sciences electives from special socio-economics modules and training in academical and other companies.
Master’s Degree programs  in Russian and English:
03.04.02 – Physics
09.04.02 – Computer Science
                    in Education
                    in Biosystems
                    in Cybersecuriy
                    in Geodesics and Cartography
                    in Astronomy
The duration of study is 2 years
Fee 1740 euro per year
Fee 2440 euro per year
PhD programs  in Russian and English:
03.06.01 – Physics
The duration of study is 3 years
Fee 4000 euro per year
Note! All fees are subject to change without notice