Nanotechnology: Small Science, Big Ideas

December 4, 2015 Dr. Rachel Sparks delivered a lecture “Nanotechnology: Small Science, Big Ideas”. In the context of the lecture, postdoctoral researcher of the Faculty of Physics, Tomsk State University, spoke of nanotechnology and its application in the modern world. Being a manager of nanotechnology department at one of the Australian universities Rachel is responsible for promoting the application of nanotechnologies in a large range of industries. Nanotechnology is highly developed in Australia. They apply it to producing of solar energy, water purification and watch manufacturing. People are reluctant to accept science until it becomes useful, therefore, one of Rachel’s tasks is to reveal advantages of nanotechnology.After finishing her official talk Rachel shared with student her impressions of staying in Tomsk and Russia. She was impressed by snowy landscape of Tomsk. She also told about difficulties that she faces when learning Russian. Rachel says that the Russian language is very difficult and it takes effort to pronounce some vowels and consonants.