Dear senior bachelors, post graduates and masters of the Faculty!
We invite your participation in an intriguing and informative English learning course that combines both General English and English for Specific Purposes.
  • Course summary:
 Dates                                        the first term   15.09.2015-23.12.2015
Regularity                                weekly, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (except public holidays)
 Course length                         9 months    
 Required language level      B1 according to the CEFR's scales of foreign language proficiency                       
Weekly tuition                        6 hours per week   
Location                                   Siberian Institute of Physics and Technology
Maximum class size                12 
Charge                                      free
  • Who is this course for?
For the English language learners wishing to communicate and succeed in a variety of different contexts - socially, in research, at university or work.
  • Who will teach you?
 Our English course gives you the opportunity to work with dedicated lecturers committed to helping students improve their language skills.
  • Course outcomes
You will be more fluent and accurate
You will be able to communicate with native and non-native speakers in English in a variety of different contexts
You will have improved English language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking)
You will have more vocabulary, better pronunciation and an increased understanding of grammar
You will be more confident and independent as a learner and user of the language
You will have addressed your specific areas of language improvement with our support
For the Oxford Online Placement Test registration, please email your registration request at   sais.08@mail.ru  and include your name, status, phone number and an appropriate date:
26.08.2015 - at 3 p.m.
07.09.2015 - at 10 a.m.
08.09.2015 – at 5 p.m.
The testing will be held in classroom 418 (building 2).
We look forward to your participation!